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Analyzers are discrete components that gather and analyze specific information from the target binary, returning custom processed data results, called ResourceAttributes, which are useful for supplementing other components.

The following is an example of the MagicAnalzyer, which runs libmagic file type identification against resources:

from dataclasses import dataclass

import magic
from ofrak.component.analyzer import Analyzer
from ofrak.model.resource_model import ResourceAttributes
from ofrak.core.filesystem import File
from ofrak.resource import Resource

class Magic(ResourceAttributes):
    mime: str
    descriptor: str

class MagicAnalyzer(Analyzer[None, Magic]):
    targets = (File,)
    outputs = (Magic,)

    async def analyze(self, resource: Resource, config=None) -> Magic:
        data = await resource.get_data()
        magic_mime = magic.from_buffer(await resource.get_data(), mime=True)
        magic_description = magic.from_buffer(data)
        return Magic(magic_mime, magic_description)

This analyzer targets resource's with the File tag, and outputs Magic.


Run Analyze

The preferred way to run OFRAK Analyzers is to use Resource.analyze:

from ofrak.resource import Resource
from ofrak.core.filesystem import File
from ofrak.core.magic import Magic

resource: Resource
assert resource.has_tag(File)
magic = await resource.analyze(Magic)

When Resource.analyze is run, OFRAK will search for and run a registered analyzer that targets File and returns Magic. If the requested analysis has already been run, OFRAK will not rerun the analysis but merely return the already-analyzed result.

Run Explicitly

Analyzers can also be run explicitly:

from ofrak.core.magic import MagicAnalyzer
from ofrak.resource import Resource

resource: Resource

This manner of running analyzers can be used if the analysis results are not needed immediately.

Recursive Analysis

It is also possible to recursively analyzers against a resource and its descendants with the Resource.analyze_recursively method. See Resource for more details.