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Settings View

The settings view allows an OFRAK user to configure several aspects of the GUI. These settings can then be saved in the user's browser, or they can be exported to a file so that they can be shared with other OFRAK users.

Change Colors

One of the main uses of the settings panel is to configure the theme of the OFRAK GUI. From the settings, it is possible to change the text and background colors, as well as the accent colors. The acent colors are used both for classes in the byteclass view and for highlighting mapped child regions in the hex view.

Besides being able to manually change all of the colors in the settings pane, it is also possible to use auto-generated themes made by AI. The AI-generated themes come from Huemint, a nifty tool for developing color palettes. The palette engine was trained on a large corpus of professional graphic design images, and can produce some pretty nice-looking results that don't usually need much tweaking.

Other Settings

The settings panel also contains the ability to enable "experimental" OFRAK features. These are features that are under development, which may therefore not work as reliably as the rest of the features.

Finally, the settings pane allows configuring developer settings. These are not of interest to most OFRAK users, but make developing new GUI features considerably easier.

Saving and Exporting

Once a user is happy with their settings, they must save them before closing the settings pane. Saved settings can be exported, which will download a .json file to the user's computer. That file can be shared with other OFRAK users and imported via the GUI. If you find a theme you really like, feel free to share it!