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ClientComponentContext (ComponentContext)

__init__(self) special

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

Source code in ofrak/model/
def __init__(self):

ComponentConfig dataclass

Base class for all components' configs. All subclasses should also be dataclasses.

ComponentContext dataclass

ComponentContext(component_id: bytes, component_version: int, access_trackers: Dict[bytes, ofrak.model.component_model.ComponentResourceAccessTracker] = , modification_trackers: Dict[bytes, ofrak.model.component_model.ComponentResourceModificationTracker] = , resources_created: Set[bytes] = , resources_deleted: Set[bytes] = )

ComponentExternalTool dataclass

An external tool or utility (like zip or squashfs) a component depends on. Includes some basic information on installation, either via package manager or bespoke process.

Part of this class's responsibility is to check if the tool is installed. Most tools are simple command-line utilities whose installation can be check by running: <tool> <install_check_arg> For dependencies which do NOT follow this pattern, subclass ComponentExternalTool and redefine the is_tool_installed method to perform the check.


Name Type Description
tool str

Name of the command-line tool that will be run

tool_homepage str

Link to homepage of the tool, with install instructions etc.

install_check_arg str

Argument to pass to the tool to check if it can be found and run on the host, typically something like "--help"

apt_package Optional[str]

An apt package that installs this tool, if such a package exists

brew_package Optional[str]

An brew package that installs this tool, if such a package exists

is_tool_installed(self) async

Check if a tool is installed by running it with the install_check_arg. This method runs <tool> <install_check_arg>.


Type Description

True if the tool command returned zero, False if tool could not be found or returned non-zero exit code.

Source code in ofrak/model/
async def is_tool_installed(self) -> bool:
    Check if a tool is installed by running it with the `install_check_arg`.
    This method runs `<tool> <install_check_arg>`.

    :return: True if the `tool` command returned zero, False if `tool` could not be found or
    returned non-zero exit code.
        cmd = [
        proc = await asyncio.create_subprocess_exec(

        returncode = await proc.wait()
    except FileNotFoundError:
        return False

    return 0 == returncode

ComponentResourceAccessTracker dataclass

ComponentResourceAccessTracker(data_accessed: Set[ofrak_type.range.Range] = , attributes_accessed: Set[Type[ofrak.model.resource_model.ResourceAttributes]] = )

ComponentResourceModificationTracker dataclass

ComponentResourceModificationTracker(data_patches: List[ofrak.model.data_model.DataPatch] = )

ComponentRunResult dataclass

Dataclass created after one or more components complete, holding high-level information about what resources were affected by a component or components